How it Works

How it Works

The Details

The Inova CSA Program sources farm-fresh food from farms in the Washington DC local foodshed and delivers them to your office or apartment building once each week. Once you sign up, we’ll email you a day or so before your delivery arrives with what you can expect as well as recipe ideas and other info about what’s in your bag, and where it came from. We’ll also remind you to bring your bag back to the building drop site so we can pick it and reuse it. Then when we show up with the delivery, we’ll ping you again, so you can get it. Simple, huh? We’ve got a variety of sizes and products to fit any household and budget. It is easy to skip deliveries or donate them to local food bank partners (as long as you let us know at least 48 hrs in advance) and you only get charged for what you use or donate.

But That's not all

When you buy food locally, you help family farmers build strong businesses by expanding the production of the healthy foods. That’s the advantage of building local food communities. In addition to helping local farmers, for every 10th bag we sell, the Inova CSA Program donates a bag to local food bank partners, an incredible non-profit in DC that has been helping local families for years. The influx of top-quality, healthy food will make a real difference for people who usually have to settle for processed factory food. This program is unique because Inova will reinvest a portion of the profits into our community benefit programs.

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